Numerous setting

Numerous Setting Option

  1. You can create any number of Deposit schemes with different interest settings at any time.
  2. Cash transaction limit setting is available
  3. Minimum deposit amount setting is available.
  4. Minimum and Maximum deposit period setting is available.
  5. Pre-mature deposit closure interest rate setting is available.

Easy Maintenance

  1. Depositor details well maintained
  2. Canvasser and commission details can be maintained
  3. Each and every entry is recorded with the user details who has done it.
  4. Finsoft is integrated with full fledged accounts module. So there is no need to maintain accounts in a seperate software.
  5. Finsoft supports Normal Deposit Closing, Pre-mature deposit closing and Renewal of deposit.
Easy maintenance

Additional features

Additional Features

  1. Minimum period for pre-mature closing can be set. Automatic Provision Posting available.
  2. For Periodic Interest scheme, interest rates for different periods like Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly can be set.
  3. You have the feature of tracking number of times the certificate was printed. You also have duplicate certificate printing option.
  4. Temporary receipt can be provided for the collected deposit amount.
  5. Each and every screen and its functions like new entry creation, editing of existing entry and deletion of entry can be secured by setting privileges to users.

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