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In Deposit Certificate Tracking it has the feature of tracking the number of times the certificate was printed. It also have duplicate certificate printing option. Software that has tight security settings, Normal Deposit closing, premature deposit, closing and Renewal of deposit is also supported by finsoft. The Fixed deposit software was designed with easy to provide tools.


Finsoft deals with a business, a large number of physical products and final forms transporting from one place to another and selling them at wholesale or retail the inventory leads to success, having lots of Fixed deposit software in the market focus on the right one can be challenging Genuine InfoTech provide you a Right one. The solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization


Fixed deposit Software is integrated with the full-fledged accounts module. So there is no need to maintain accounts in a separate software. The modules are works with single or multi-file solutions where the privilege sets and accounts are the same in every file. FD software is secure and safe online Application software.

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